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Our club sponsors: Bee Safe Training

We’d like to publicise the businesses of the club sponsors and the first in the series is Bee Safe Training. Based in Pontefract and run by Chris Reavley, who has had over 20 years in the security industry primarily training prison custody officers and police staff, the safety courses offered cover a wide range from conflict management, decision making and physical intervention to first aid and fire marshal training at work and promotion of greater awareness of mental health.

A course of particular relevance is a bespoke female self-defence course to empower women and give them the confidence to help avoid potentially dangerous situations. Devised and presented by Chris, the course concentrates on personal security, personal safety and self-defence. Chris emphasises “in the first place, personal security and safety are most important to help avoid potentially dangerous situations but training in the physical techniques of self-defence provides added confidence about how to act and react should the worst-case scenario happen. I try not to be sensationalist but dealing with real life scenarios means that the skills learned will enable women to deal more confidently and competently to combat generalised fear and potential risks.”

For full details of the courses offered by Bee Safe Training check out their website or contact Chris Reavley on and 07850431311

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