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Men wanted! Join us for ‘Let’s Try Together’

Castleford RUFC’s Let’s try together programme (men’s weight management programme) is exclusively for men between the ages of 30 and 65 who may at present consider that they do not exercise regularly and have poor diets.

We want to play our part to establish a group who can relate to others of a like mind and create an atmosphere to help each other through mutual encouragement and support to inspire a change in behaviour, raise aspirations and help sustain a healthier diet.

This is a 12-week long programme of weekly one and a half hour–long sessions on an evening at Castleford RUFC rugby club. There will be a classroom session of 30 minutes on health promotion and healthy eating with appropriate resources. Then we’ll move out on to the field to do an exercise routine and then divide into teams to play touch rugby (at a gentle pace).

We want to provide opportunities for men to be active in a supportive social setting rather than individually at a gym as we know that camaraderie and mutual support will keep men engaged and motivated to make positive changes for themselves.

We are looking for 15 to 20 participants to start the programme from Tuesday 17 May for 12 weeks.

The programme is free for participants as it is kindly funded by Wakefield Council.

To register on the programme or for more details contact Steve on 07707927090.

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