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Join our team(s)

We're relaunching our 'JOIN OUR TEAM' campaign in our search for new players for all our club teams - Seniors (1XV and 2XV), Juniors (from tags to U14s), Girls (U12s, U14s, U16s and U18s) and Ladies. New players are welcome at the club as we offer the chance for everyone to develop as a player, whilst enjoying the benefits and rewards of being a full part of a team.

We are eager to see new players throughout all sides and whilst it's unlikely that we'll attract beginners in our Senior teams as we play at Yorkshire 3 and Merit League levels certainly we particularly welcome absolute beginners in our Juniors', Girls' and Ladies' teams - as well as those with league or union experience.

See the website page for more specific details on contacts and training times and keep an eye open for our social media output.

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