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History of Girls at Castleford RUFC

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

To document the strong legacy of rugby played by Castleford RUFC Girls at our club a history of the girls at Castleford RUFC has been written as part of Bill Thackray’s 150th anniversary book of the club’s history (which hasn't actually been published yet). The girls' history was written during the Covid lockdown but a short postscript has just been added to update it.

This history of the girls at Castleford RUFC has been made available now and a pdf can be viewed on a PC, Mac, tablet or phone by using this link

Thanks to all players, coaches, team managers, parents, grandparents, volunteers and supporters who have helped with the development of the girls over the last 14 years or so.

If there is one photo that by over the years then it is this one. Steve Ball thanks all who have been associated with Castleford RUFC Girls over the past 14 seasons.

The above photo highlights and exemplifies the level of commitment of the players concerned and is courtesy of Ickledot who has captured (and still does) the endeavour of players and the intensity of games throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

A whole gallery of photos from over the years can be found on the Castleford RUFC Girls Facebook page.

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